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5 Minutes With… Amir Levintal, CEO of Cylus


Amir explains to Dave Songer how varied his role is and why, when it comes to fighting cybercrime, a non-intrusive approach is best… Read more

Cylus Selected to Join the Thales Cybersecurity Program in Paris


Cylus, the provider of specialized cybersecurity solutions for the evolving railway, announced today its selection to the Thales cybersecurity program in Paris… Read more

Cylus CEO Amir Levintal talks about the challenges and oportunities in the era of connected railways


As railways progress to automated and wireless technologies, their most safety-critical assets are exposed to new and dangerous types of cyber threats… Read more

NIS Directive Is a Good Start for Railway Cybersecurity - But It's Not Enough

As malicious actors continue to exploit vulnerable attack vectors, essential service providers like our railway systems are acutely exposed… Read more

Railway systems could be hackers' next big target — and derailing trains wouldn't be that hard

Experts say attacks could easily target critical infrastructure, even take over trains in a railway system… Read more

A 1-1 with Cylus CEO Amir Levintal


Sam Sherwood-Hale spoke to Amir Levintal, CEO of Cylus, about cyber security, BREXIT and how TOCs and others can protect themselves… Read more

Are the railways safe from cyber terrorists?


The increasing number of cyber attacks are a growing threat to the security and the safety of infrastructure worldwide which includes the railway networks… Read more

Custom-Made Tech to Protect Railway Systems from Cyber Attacks

As railways adopt more automated, wireless and connected technologies, their most safety-critical assets have become exposed to new and more dangerous types of cyber attacks… Read more

The Rail Industry in the Age of Cyber Security


Cyber security is an increasingly frequent topic in the discourse on the future of the rail industry around the world… Read more

This startup has solution to deter dangerous railway hacking


As rail travel gets more efficient through automated, wireless and connected technologies, cybersecurity on the tracks becomes a looming danger… Read more

Protecting our railways with full-spectrum cyber-security solutions


Amir Levintal, CEO, Cylus, discusses how a modern security approach is required to protect the rail network and its customers from the ever-developing cyber-threats… Read more

Israeli startup Cylus raises $4.7 million to develop cybersecurity solutions for railways and metros


Tel Aviv-based cybersecurity startup, Cylus, announced that it has raised $4.7 million in seed funding to continue to meet the cybersecurity challenges facing the rail industry..… Read more