With expertise in both cyber and railway infrastructures, we provide cutting-edge cybersecurity, specifically tailored for the modern railway.

As railways progress to automated and wireless technologies, their most safety-critical 

assets are exposed to new and dangerous types of cyber threats.


 Cylus ensures your cybersecurity is always a step ahead of the latest threats.

So you can be sure your passengers remain protected at all times.

Key Features

Optimal security without compromising safety

Existing safety mechanisms are enhanced with additional layer of security

Centralized operational visibility

A unique interface makes all trackside and trainborne connected devices visible to operators

Integrated systems protection

Multi-vendor integration is consistently measured for security, to help identify weak links in the system

Preemptive response to threats

Always a step ahead to address the very latest cyber threats on railways


A cybersecurity powerhouse dedicated to addressing the challenges of the railway industry.
Led by senior officers from the IDF’s Elite Intelligence Corps, our stellar team is native in both cyber and railway, with plenty to say on both subjects. Bringing together our combined experience in cutting-edge protection of safety-critical networks, we are full steam ahead to take on the formidable security challenges of the modern railway industry.


Amir Levintal, CEO

Amir brings over 20 years of experience in managing hardware, software and cyber R&D in the IDF Intelligence corps. In his last role, Amir led a cyber division managing cutting edge research and development, delivering complex multi-disciplinary products under tight schedules.

Miki Shifman, VP R&D

Miki is a hands-on R&D leader with over 10 years in software engineering, research and management. He served in the IDF Intelligence corps as an R&D Team Lead and Technical Project Manager, leading multiple teams of engineers from project inception to successful deployment.

Gal Shmueli, CTO

Gal has over 25 of experience in cyber leadership and managment. He previously served in the IDF Intelligence corps as CTO of the cyber unit. Gal was responsible for directing the R&D efforts and establishing the cyber strategy aimed at realizing the goals and objectives of the unit.

Boaz Zafrir, President

Boaz brings decades of experience serving as a C-Level executive in large corporations. He was the CEO of Israel Railways between the years 2011 to 2016. During that period he improved railway services, invested in new technologies (such as ERTMS) and significantly increased profits.


Zohar Zisapel is a leading figure in Israel’s tech industry. Mr. Zisapel founded RAD Data Communications, served as the Chairman of Ceragon Networks and Argus, as a Director of Silicom and on the board of several other companies.

Magma Venture Partners is a leading Israeli venture capital firm, dedicated to investing in Israel’s Information, Communications and Technology space (‘ICT’), including the software, semiconductor and new media spheres.

Vertex Ventures Israel was founded in 1997 and is one of Israel’s leading venture capital investment firms, with over $700 million under management. The firm invests in Israeli companies in the early stages of development.

The SBI Group was established in 1999 as a pioneer of internet based financial services in Japan, has formed the world’s first internet-based financial ecosystem, providing financial services in a broad range of fields.


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